It begins…

the view from here | Mark Thompson photo
Where we were | mark thompson photo

We arrived a little before 5, got a primo parking space, checked in without incident, and parked ourselves in our 6th floor room at the Naeba Prince. It’s cloudy but muggy and warm, so we turned the air conditioner up high and basically waited. Nothing. I think this happened last year, too. The air conditioning doesn’t really work, something about “only in the winter,” according to the front desk, when, of course, the skiers are here. It sort of makes sense, since Naeba is in the mountains. I guess you don’t need air conditioning, and so the “aircon” really means heat for the winter…so why call it “air conditioning”?

Sorry about that. We’re on our way to the prefest party. The weather man says no rain until tomorrow night, which is nice, but after that it could get pretty wet, so we’ll enjoy the cool night as long as it last or we pass out. See you in a bit.